What You need to know before ordering:

We will need your name, delivery address, phone number, date of event, and items wanted
we do keep debit or credit card on file.

Space required varies from 2-3ft around inflatable.
Example for a 13x13 jumper we will need at least a 15ft x 15ft space.

What direction do I want the entrance of the inflatable?

•Please know in advance which direction you want the entrance of your inflatable
• we should only have to set up your inflatable once.
i.e.  Turning it around.... dragging it to another location in yard etc
•we are on a tight schedule when making deliveries, so please be courteous to other clients.

What should I do in advance to prepare my yard for the delivery?

Please make sure that your yard is ready for setup. You should have a CLEAR and OPEN path
for us to get to the area where the equipment is to be setup. Dogs must be in a secured
area, away from the area when the equipment is being setup. All dog fences need to be picked up, so the area is clean for the driver. For grass areas we do recommend not watering the day before or day of.

What if I have underground irrigation and I don't know where the pipes are?

We are not responsible for possibly tapping an underground sprinkler and or pipes
when staking down units on grass area.  If in doubt please arrange
to have your inflatable placed on concrete.

Are there extra charges for holidays or other days of the week?

For certain holidays there is $15 -$30 extra charge
Call for accurate quote.

Delivery Policy:

An adult that is 18 years or older must be home to sign for the equipment. The driver can deliver your equipment between 7:30am and the beginning of the delivery window you have selected when you place your order

Park Policy:

It is the customer's responsibility to get the PERMIT with the city or park. Reservations must be placed in the name of the same person whose name is on the permit, paper work must match with the city or park. Customer must provide us with your PERMIT number that was issued from the city or park, or we will not be able to deliver your equipment. We will need an hour window for setup and an hour window for pickup for our driver, so you don't have to sit and wait at the park all day, and neither does our driver.
We do also require an ID and A utility bill that provides your current address such as Water, SDG&E, Waste Management bill.

Confirmation Policy:

Confirmation calls are made between Wed-Fri. prior to the event Date. We will
confirm the date, address, equipment, time, total, how payment will be made, that there is no
change in your event and that you have no other questions or concerns.
(Not answering or calling back doesn't automatically cancel your rental, if we don't hear back from you will be charged a cancellation fee)

Cancellation Policy:

Any equipment booked that requires a deposit when the order is placed all deposits will be forfeited by the customer for canceling, unless cancellation is due to the rain. If you cancel 6 day before there will not be a cancellation fee.  5-3 days before only $25 cancellation fee if you cancel 2-1 days before you will be charged $45.
If you cancel after the driver has arrived the day of, you will be charged a $55 cancellation/delivery fee.

Credit Card Policy:

We do accept all major credit cards and there is a 4% Fee to pay by credit or debit
please keep in mind that we are not responsible for and cards declined
(please have an alternative payment option) 

Rain Policy:

You may cancel in the morning the day of your event  by 7:30am and their will be no cancellation fee
it is your responsibility to call us to cancel. If we deliver and it is raining you will be charged $25 delivery Fee

Water Policy:

Water is ONLY to be placed on Water slides and designated water combos only
If water is put on any other unit there will be a minimum cleaning fee of $55

Ph: 760-840-1376